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About us

Create values for client’s needs
Optimal service based on client’s case
Hanmaum Immigration Corporation walked alongside the History of Korean Immigration in Canada for 25 years.
Established in 1996, Hanmaum Immigration Corporation is the “immigration specialist corporation” run by the first Korean immigration consultant, the most traditional immigration consultant in Korea.

Hanmaum Immigration Corporation obtained the immigration consultant license before anyone else in Korea. We process applications in a very professional way, and provide the best immigration program to our customers by accurately and quickly updating the Canadian immigration as the policies change frequently. Our motto is to think from the client's point of view, provide services with a sincere heart, and process applications in accordance with professional and legal procedures to ensure that our customers get the best results.

As a result, Hanmaum Immigration Corporation received the highest number of approvals for visas as well as the highest number of temporary and permanent residencies than any other immigration companies since 1996.
Gyu Sun Kim, the only government-authorized immigration consultant to provide Korean and multilingual consultation for immigration processes for all provinces of Canada, and Meehyeon Kim, the first Korean immigration consultant to be authorized by the Canadian and Korean government, will take responsibility of each and every client’s cases and do our best for the clients’ successful settlement.

Hanmaum Immigration Corporation operates offices in both Korea and Canada and provides services within close proximity to clients. In addition to providing services for the entire process from visiting Canada to obtaining permanent residency and citizenship, we offer a variety of professional information/consultation on settling down and living in Canada such as studying, employment, business, and investment.

CEO Gyu Sun Kim

We will do our best to provide accurate and kind guidance, like a family, thinking with a warm heart for you.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant ICCRC Member (R413503)

Regulated Quebec Immigration Consultant (11029)

Saskatchewan Immigration Consultant and Foreign Worker Recruiter (00200)

Ontario Commissioner of Taking Affidavit

CEO Mee hyeon Kim

We praise you for your pioneering spirit and your courage to find a new hopeful world with a better future.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant ICCRC Member (R413431)