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Q : Why Canada?

  • Supportive of Immigration

    While foreign nationals are studying or working in Canada, free elementary and secondary education are available for their children, and their spouse/partner may be eligible for an open work permit. Once international students graduate from an eligible Canadian designated learning institution, they can work under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. Compared to other English-speaking countries, Canada is considered more appealing to prospective immigrants with its comprehensive and immigrant-friendly policies.

  • High Quality Education

    Unlike most countries, Canada has public schools as excellent as their private counterparts. In addition, English language learners can benefit from a variety of ESL and before-and-after school programs and services Canadian schools offer.

  • Clean Environment

    Canada is well-known for its stunning landscapes with countless lakes, rivers, falls and mountains. People can enjoy hiking, swimming, and winter sports in the clean environment.

Our Services

  • Temporary Residence

    Foreign nationals require a permit or visa based on the purpose of their stay in Canada whether that is to visit, study, or work.

  • Permanent Residence

    Canada's federal government and provincial/territorial governments each operate a wide range of immigration programs tailored to local needs and circumstances. As immigration policies change frequently, it is important to find programs you are eligible for before applying for permanent residence.

  • Other Services

    We assist you with applying for criminal rehabilitation. If you have a criminal record such as a DUI, you may be inadmissible to Canada. Therefore, it is best to have it removed before applying for a temporary or permanent resident visa so that the criminal record will have no impact in processing your application. We also provide services for PR card renewal and citizenship application.