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In order to apply for Canadian citizenship, you must meet the requirements for period of physical residence in Canada, such as, filing income taxes, basic English or French language proficiency, clean criminal records and the understanding of the country (which you must get a minimum score of 70 in the written test). In general, you can apply for citizenship if you have stayed in Canada for 1,095 days (3 years) out of 5 years from the date of application. ( ※ Language tests are exempted for applicants older than 55 years old )
Permanent Resident Card Renewal

Once you become a permanent resident, unlike a temporary resident, you are given the right to stay anywhere in Canada permanently without the need of visa. It is recommended to renew the permanent resident card 9 months before its expiration to avoid inconvenience when traveling abroad, the PR card is needed when traveling abroad because it proves your status as permanent resident, If permanent residents travel without a permanent resident card, they can apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document at the closest Visa Application Centre. If permanent residents fail to meet the residency obligation (2 years out of 5 years), they may have to give up their permanent residency or apply for an appeal, depending on the circumstances.

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